8 reasons you know you’ve been in France for far too long


8-reasons-you-know-you've-been-in-france-for-far-too-long_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com9-Reasons-you-know-you've-been-in-France-for-too-long_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com_as you like9-Reasons you know you've been in France for far too long_metro ticket

9-Reasons-you-know-you've-been-in-France-for-too-long_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com_petit bateau


9-Reasons-you-know-you've-been-in-France-for-too-long_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com_Bonjour!9-Reasons-you-know-you've-been-in-France-for-too-long_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com_can't remember copy9-Reasons-you-know-you've-been-in-France-for-too-long_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com_august9-Reasons-you-know-you've-been-in-France-for-too-long_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com_phone

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12 thoughts on “8 reasons you know you’ve been in France for far too long”

  1. Omg, so true… I have no less than five mariniรจres in my closet in various incarnations (T-shirt, cashmere sweater, long-sleeved linen sweater, etc.) and I still find myself picking them up in stores! My family back home probably thinks I’ve got some kind of sailor fetish. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Loved this post and your illustrations. Please keep it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi there, “As you like” is a direct translation of the French phrase “comme tu veux”. All my American friends make fun of me for saying something so proper, but it’s just how I talk these days. Thanks so much for reading. jkw

  3. Haha that’s hilarious! We all have something, right? Thanks for reading & much more to come… jkw

  4. Saying bonjour at a US gas station..I can totally picture that! When I walked the Camino (de Santiago), even though I formed a question in Spanish, I would blurt out in Indonesian instead. Tres bizarre ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love your illustrations too.

  5. Love the animated drawings (so cool!) but would you help me understand the Jane Austen one? Thanks

  6. Hi Ilana, haha you should make one for your own adopted homeland. I would certainly love to see the differences. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. And wishing you all the very best from Paris. jkw

  7. Haha! So funny. For me, living in South Africa, it’s saying ‘got’ instead of ‘gotten’ and the word ‘flavor’ looking like it’s missing a ‘u’, But the discomfort at hearing loud American voices is the same. Thanks for your drawings and your…humour!

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