How to not be a bonehead in Paris!

How to not be a bonehead in Paris. Visual Do’s and don’ts for your next trip to the City of Light.

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The khaki shorts, the socks hiked to the gods, puzzled eye contact, general clustering and moving in masses. Thanks for visiting Paris, tourists. We see you! Yes, we’d all love the superpower of fitting flawlessly into any destination, but no one can truly blend in on a hop on/hop off bus. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to prevent you from getting jumped for your Rick Steves money belt. -jkw

1 how to not be a bonehead in Paris _Jessie Kanelos Weiner


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6 0 how to not be a bonehead in Paris _Jessie Kanelos Weiner


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Mini Paris guide!

A list of my Paris favorites (in no particular order). American in paris illustration. Watercolor. Vogue illustrator.

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1. thefrancofly Paris guide_Angelina2. thefrancofly Paris guide_Palais Royale Paris illustration

4. thefrancofly Paris guide_Le Bois de VIncennes

5. 1. thefrancofly Paris guide_du painFind much, much more in my custom illustrated guide in the Paris section here.

Looking for the ultimate “must-do, must-visit, must-see” travel list by a bonafide Parisian friend who knows all the cool spots? My forthcoming book Paris in Stride is the one. Charmingly illustrated throughout, this practical guide will transport readers to the delightful sites and discoveries of Paris. Over 150+ vibrant watercolors illustrate destinations including architectural marvels, gardens, historical highlights, cultural hubs, markets, food and wine favorites, and lots of little “je ne sais quoi’s” that make Paris so magical. Cultural musings, accessible histories, anecdotes, and informative details accompany the illustrations throughout, making this volume truly as practical as it is beautiful. Preorder today!

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What keeps me in France

Whipped cream alone is a perfectly suitable dessert. The considerately budget-friendly rosé prices. Terrace time. French guys aren’t afraid to wear scarves or say things are beautiful.


9-years-later.-What-Keeps-me-in-France_Jessie-Kanelos-Weiner_thefrancofly.com1. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_Whipped cream2. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_rosé3. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_terrace time4. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_c'est beau5. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_strawberries6. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_fleur d'oranger7. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_lillies of the valley8. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_mirabelles9. Jessie Kanelos Weiner_thefrancofly.com_ET

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Jumble sale flyer_Jessie Kanelos Weiner LD

Join us at Le Mary Celeste this Saturday, June 17th for a jumble extravaganza featuring a mixture of handmade products, second-hand clothes, games, prizes and general jumble fun. This edition of the jumble sale will be village fête style, our line-up of stall holders so far includes:

•Come get your very own 5-minute watercolor portrait done by yours truly!

•Friend Lindsey Tramuta from Lost in Cheeseland will be signing copies of her new book ‘The New Paris’
Noir Gaazol: Accessories, jewelry, magazines and design objects, sold from their mobile bicycle boutique
Form and Flux: 100% natural handmade scented candles
Boneshaker: A selection of handmade doughnuts
Imogen Bailey: Botanical screen prints and floral handmade products.
• The star of the jumble sale will be our charity cake competition which will be judged by public vote and specials guest judges Frank Adrian Barron, aka Cake Boy, and Chelsea Wilson the winner of TV show Le Meilleur Patissier. All proceeds will go to the amazing organization Le Recho towards their aid of refugees.

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