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This time last year, I was wrapping up my book Edible Paradise. Being in the company of a cornucopia of black and white fruits and vegetables all day was no easy feat. When the ladybugs I was drawing started to converse among themselves, the countdown to happy hour couldn’t go by quickly enough. But I look back fondly at those months of pure dedication and inspiration although I couldn’t walk down the produce isle without cringing just a little bit.

One year later, my love of the edible plant world has grown stronger than ever.  But by making this book, I can now identify a fruit tree just by its leaves and can also point out edible weeds in the wild. But the most exciting thing of all is that Edible Paradise has been edited into 7 languages and counting!


So if you haven’t picked it up already, it’s a perfect way to ease into the lazy Summer days ahead.  And please leave an Amazon review to feed the algorithm and help spread the word. And if the ladybugs start to talk among themselves, you’ve been coloring too hard.



Edible Paradise has gone French!  Paradis Comestible was edited with great care by the excellently gourmand French publishing house Keribus Editions.  It will make you want to take the whole month of August off and color a la française


Available in French bookstores now and online through Amazon and Fnac.


Paris book launch information to come very soon.


Paradis Comestible: Apprendre les Saisons des Fruits et Légumes en Coloriant (Keribus Editions), 9€90.


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