espinacas catalana

As the springtime rain clouds christen Paris with its April showers, the markets are revitalized with spring vegetables.  We made it through another season of root vegetables, my friends!  I’ve eaten enough carrots this winter to replace a spray tan.  Nevertheless, thank heavens I found this gorgeous red baby spinach from the market that I couldn’t resist whipping up one of my favorite, protein-packed anti-recipe recipes, espinacas catalana.  Although guilty of a gringo touch, I do a quick sauté of spinach, fresh garlic (another springtime treasure!), chickpeas, almonds and raisins, christened generously with good extra-virgin olive oil.  I am equally interested reinterpreting this with kale when its springtime crop reaches the City of Light.

Bon app’, everybody!

Charlotte Brunet photo – Jessie Kanelos Weiner style

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