I woke up like, pissed!


Need a sign for the Day Without a Woman strike? I finally just launched a bonafide Etsy shop with downloadable printable coloring protest signs. Check it out below. More about that very soon…


Coucou. C’est moi.

© Jessie Kanelos

As a component of my September self-promotion blitz, I broke down and personified thefrancofly™. When Facebook loses its interest, what better way to create one’s idealized self than through a self-portrait?  And invent some dream sunglasses and trim off a few extra holiday kilos at the same time.  I need to draw people more often!  After a week of indulgences over the vacation, Body by Bretagne is not becoming past August.   But unlike people (and myself), sandwiches will always be more forgiving.  Allez, back to the beef.

This being the first Sunday of the month, do not forget to check out a selection of Paris’s museums for free.  Find the complete list here.  We have our eyes set on the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in the post-brunch hours.

Bon dimanche!

. . . . .

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