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Here’s a friendly little nudge and wink wink to make your own Valentine for your sweetie this year.  This diagram, my friend, is for amateurs.  I managed to successfully create “je t’aime!” in pop-up form.  The things we do for love and our blogs.

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A few weeks ago, I introduced mon mari to the crucial foods of my upbringing, his first Thanksgiving included. We made a long overdue trip to my hometown, Chicago, Illinois.  It was a walk down memory lane regaining my Midwestern appetite. There was the the vital deep-dish slice at Lou Malnati’s, cookie pizza included.  My all-time favorite Clark Street omelet at Salt & Pepper Diner, including a Chicago celebrity siting of Ronnie Woo Woo.  (You try explaining that to mon mari) And I shan’t forget the fine institution of Margie’s Candies.  Eating 3 scoops of ice cream out of a shell with a gravy boat of hot fudge will one day be folklore for my 1/2 French children.

But our last night in Chicago deemed unparallelled kitsch.  We took the fateful drive up to Superdawg®.  Mon mari had his first Chicago hotdog under the watchful eyes of two life size winking hotdogs.

Superdawg® drive-in 6363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60646

*This drawing was made by Paper | FiftyThree

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Holy Belly 1-Jessie Kanelos

I’ve really got the best of both worlds, food styling and illustrating.  I love collaborating on photo shoots, the lengthy French lunches and the back-patting and high-fiving that I have shared when creating a beautiful image.  And illustrating indulges my introverted ways: all-day NPR, working barefoot and making cakes when distracted.  But it’s a bit lonely working from home.  When the self-talking begins, I know it’s time to get out of the house.  Even without a set coffee date, I have acquired a few places where I am warmly greeted and can regain a pinch of sanity before mon mari gets home at night.

Today I have found my new place, Holybelly.  I met Nico and Sarah, its kind and charismatic owners, a few months back at a dinner hosted by Kinfolk Magazine.  Since their pending café promised their contagious passion for good food and hospitality, I began counting down the days.   The grand opening was today!

Holy Belly 2- Jessie Kanelos

A perfect latté and pecan cookie were just what I needed to fuel a massive to-do list and carry on with my day.


HolyBelly. 19 rue Lucien Sampaix 75010 Paris.

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