Color me seasonal, July

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Looking for a way to eat more seasonally?  Looking for a way to get your kids involved in sustainable eating, too?  I am very pleased to introduce you to a new series, Color Me Seasonal, a fun and friendly guide to buying in season.  Each month, I will illustrate the fruits and vegetables of the moment. Print it out, take it with you to the market and color each fruit or vegetable to check them off your list.  Share a pic using the hashtag #colormeseasonal.  You will be left with a pretty picture, a happy stomach and a healthier ecosystem.


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Even the kiwis are French!

I am a real foodie now!  I’ve started buying locally and seasonally.  Farewell, sweet bananas and pineapples from faraway.  See you sporadically!  However, I made a recent discovery.  Over Christmas vacation, we spent a few days at a friend’s cottage in the mountains near La Cévennes.  The only fruit in the house were tiny kiwis no bigger than my thumb.  And they were local, harvested just nearby.  I always assumed that kiwi’s acidity and zippy vitamin C meant their origins were more tropical than domestic.  But as winter fruit, they add a bit more variety to the apples, clementines, and grapefruits that fill the colder months.  But since Spring has sprung, I should scrap this watercolor.  It’s completely out of season!

Does this discovery come as a surprise to you, too?