#mfw recap

And now for something completely different!  A few watercolor highlights from Men’s Fashion Week, Fall 2016.  Long before food, my first illustration obsession was fashion.  And I feel like it is all coming back again…

Fendi_originale_2 2Fendi.

ARMANI LDGiorgio Armani.

raf simons_jessie kanelos weiner 2

Raf Simons

Hermes 2 LD



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I admit it.  I have started my own Hermès box collection.  All the Hermès boxes I have are much too small to hold anything as precious as their predecessor, like a treasured bracelet I received from mon mari in a few weeping moments before I shipped off at Charles de Gaulle for the first time.  But I treasure these little parcels because they are a fragment of timeless beauty and uncompromising luxury.

. . . . .

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