Café Pinson



Yeah yeah yeah.  I’m guilty of falling into the trap of the latest vegan tendance. But Café Pinson is bright, airy, and open.  It’s a perfect Friday afternoon workplace and haven for any veggie lover, especially for the stir crazy freelancer in continual pursuit of good coffee and reliable wifi.

Café Pinson 6 Rue du Forez  75003 Paris

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Fetch me my wifi goggles!

© Jessie Kanelos

Greetings from the French Riviera!  We finally fled town and are enjoying a little overdue sunshine in Nice.  The zucchini flowers are in full bloom!  And my Snow White skin has come out to play.  A lavish 4-day bar mitzvah in Monaco of mon mari’s second cousin’s cousin is on the books.  So between trips to the coiffure and the synagogue,  I am trying my best to ‘relax’ and unplug a bit.  But if you are still in Paris and need a wifi fix, here is my latest piece on where to log on in the City of Lights.

Catching Wifi in Paris

Bises from Nice,


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