Paris food trend forecasting MAD LIB-style!

Jessie Kanelos Weiner
Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Kicking yourself you didn’t open up a grilled cheese comptoir / burrata burrito bar/ mac ‘n’ cheese cupcake shack of your own?  In search of the next big thing, fill out the Paris food trend forecaster below.  Send me your results at  I will publish my favorite and illustrate the most ridiculous food trend you come up with!  Happy trending!


Bouffe for thought

By_______________________________(your name here)

Call it what you will.  After the uproaring success of ______________(nationality) __________________ (a finger food), _______________(nationality)______________(an American comfort food) and the latest _______________(food trend) and _______________(food trend) comptoir, something _______________(adjective) is brewing in the _______________(number between 1 and 20) arrondissement of Paris.  ______________________ (a cliché French saying)!

But the latest hotspot to woo _____________ (adjective) Parisians and _______________ (nationality) expats alike goes by the unassuming name of ________________ (adjective 1)_______________(noun 1).  What has evolved from a _____________(adjective) _______________(style of restaurant) in a ________________(type of transportation), has evolved into a full-blown empire, with locations expected to open soon in ______________(Midwestern city in America) and __________________(Metropolitan city in Asia).  The ___________ (adjective) brainchild of ___________(English first name-1)_____________ (French last name), _____________ (English name-1) has been dazzling its diners with a fresh take on ______________ (nationality)_____________ (a trendy food) since it opened its doors in _____________(a month).

Although _____________ (adjective 1)_______________(noun 2) is best known for its ______________(adjective)_____________(nationality)______________(a South American delicacy), diners wait upwards of ______________(number) for the _________________(adjective) ______________(food trend) macaroni and cheese sliders.  Don’t forget to wash it all down with a _______________(adjective) selection of ______________(type of drink) from the ______________(direction) of _________________(country).

After giving up a lucrative job in _______________(an industy), _______________(English first name 1) is passionate about sharing _____________(adjective)_____________(a food trend) with the ___________(adjective) masses.   “Really what we’re really aspiring to do is use ______________ (adjective) ingredients, sourced _______________ (adverb) and ________________(word to describe food) authenticity.”  Thanks, ___________(English name 1).  Now we can all have our ________________ (nationality)_____________(food trend) and eat it, too.

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