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Uh oh. Does this mean this has become an andthisiswhatihadforlunchtoday kind of blog?  Before you throw you hands in the air and say you just don’t care, I must share what I had for lunch yesterday.  After a long day food styling raw beef, I was taken to lunch at  L’OisiveThé, a tea drinking knitter’s paradise.  Greens, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, emmental, smoked salmon, two soft-boiled eggs, and a generous handful of toast spears for dipping and dunking, it was the perfect break from le boeuf.  With two more days scheduled to shoot beef, I will certainly be dreaming of my salad at L’OisiveThé (1 Rue Jean-Marie Jégo  75013 Paris).

By the way, although I have certainly had enough beef for now, check out my latest post on Le Camion Qui Fume’s new cookbook on HiP Paris Blog.

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Paris TO-DO List- The Cheap-Ass Summer Edition

© Jessie Kanelos

Things to get excited about this summer!

1.) Apricots!  They’re starting to show up at the market, but they are just a taste of what’s to come.  Cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, mirabelles!  I cannot wait to turn all of these beautiful summertime fruits into beautiful cakes, cobblers, and clafouti(s).  Unfortunately, corn in France does not evoke the Midwestern summertime pastimes I think of.  It’s basically pig feed.  But it does not prevent me from being on a mission to find some proper sweet corn!  “Chéri, fire up the barbie!”

2.) Fête de la musique.  On June 21st, ringing in the summer solstice, France is bumping with free concerts, barbecues, block parties and dancing in the streets.  Why can’t all festivals be for the sake of music’s sake?

3.) Cinéma en Plein Air de la Villette.  When Paris transforms into a ghost town from July 25-August 26, the ‘left behind’ flock to free movie screenings every evening at dusk.  Round up the friends, pack up a picnic, and the lawn chairs.  I would recommend camping out early; the place fills up quickly.  And if the sun is still out, I like to follow in the very big footsteps of Yogi Bear and creepily cruise around to see what is in other people’s picnic baskets.  Anyway, «Métamorphoses» is this year’s theme.  Check out the excellent schedule here.

4.) Living in a new place.  Starting over and leaving the black mold behind.  I wish that were a metaphor!  Although our budget has been blown on the flat in favor of enjoying a proper vacation, we can still indulge in vacation pastimes such as bi-daily napping and stone fruit binges from the comfort of our new home.   I don’t need no Loire Valley, I will have the Chateau de Vincennes on the way to the Metro now.
What’s on your summer to-do list?