Dinner & a Pirouette

© Jessie Kanelos

One of biggest differences between La France and Les States is the drastic difference in space.  In France, each metre carré, or square meter, has bragging rights.   Things like fondue fountains and Easy Bake Ovens don’t exist because there’s never a garage or attic to stuff them away.  But I must admit to being very lucky indeed.  Along with the ultimate luxury of holding out both of my arms and twirling without touching the walls, we also have room in our new kitchen for a very narrow marble bistro table for 4.  So dining chez nous is nothing less than a dinner and a pirouette.  Although there is nothing more intimate than being seated to eat on the host’s bed in France, there is something a little more comfortable and convivial about crowding into the kitchen for a little carpaccio/frites.

. . . . .

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