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“It’s pumpkin season.  I can’t wait for sweater-flavored everything!”  I cannot recall which Facebook friend plumed these poetic words which I attempted to like twice. With another bare-legged Fashion Week behind us, I propose a little giveaway to launch further into my favorite season.

To win this signed, original watercolor collage (18 by 24 cm, grass not included), follow a few simple steps:

1.) If you haven’t already, like thefrancofly on Facebook.

2.)  Share thefrancofly on your Facebook wall. 

3.) Comment below telling me you have done all the above, along with your favorite fall pastime. 

One lucky winner will be chosen at random on October 10th, 2013.  The watercolor will be shipped anywhere in the world.  Good luck!

*****Congrats Vesna!  You are the winner.  Please send me your mailing address at thefrancofly@gmail.com and I will send you the illustration ASAP.  Thanks to all who played.

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© Jessie Kanelos

I don’t know any songs about Paris in autumn.  It’s been raining for a while now and I think I know why.   There are no trees on my street so I cannot report if the leaves have transformed just yet.  Woe is the city dweller.  Nevertheless, there is something about the crisp autumn that makes me long for the monochromatic Midwestern falls I know so well.

But I did smile seeing an overflowing crate of pumpkins proudly displayed at the farmers market this morning.  And they all had triangular eyes and zigzag frowns spray painted on.  But now I just need to get my hands on a hayride, a scarecrow, a corn maze, and a long-lost caramel apple.

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Illustration by Jessie Kanelos

Fig season has arrived in France!  The daintier, sweeter variety indigenous to France are at their peak although the larger imports from Greece and Turkey are not a bad snack either.  I’ve been waiting months to test out a recipe in Jamie Oliver’s Happy Days with the Naked Chef for months now.  ‘Tis the season!  It’s a sensually simple salad of figs, buffalo mozzarella, and prosciutto di parma.  I slit an x on the top of the figs and gently squeezed them to reveal their velvety flesh.  Arrange on a platter with sliced buffalo mozzarella.  Next, a few ribbons of jambon du parma were weaved organically between the figs.  A nice handful of basil thrown on top, a drizzle of best quality extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  And there you have a sensationally seasonal first course.