Summer in motion!


There are two types of Americans in Paris.  Those who go home the month of August and those who stay.  Although I secretly envy those who can binge on a month-long ice cream headache of Americana, my summers are a more local affair, doing a mini Tour de France of friends’ vacation homes throughout this fine country.

I’m pondering what France’s summer traditions are, but I’m blanking.  Oh, yeah the month of August not at home, fleeing to everywhere but here?  Merguez on the grill? Spritz on a terrace? Summer reading and late dinners?  A bottle of chilled rosé on ice?

Ok, these new traditions work just fine for my developing adult tastes.  But I still can’t help but miss those sticky childhood summers at home in Chicago: the twinkling bell of the paletas guy selling my favorite ice pop arroz con leche, shucking the golden husks off sweet corn hot off the Weber grill, the self-inflicted pain of watching daytime tv all day long and the call of arms when the ice cream truck roll through the neighborhood.Although I come from the Klondikian school of frozen treats, the Magnum bar is my good-to Euro replacement.  I quickly learned last summer that “A Magnum-a-day keeps the bikini bod at bay”. But every now and then, it’s the only thing that will do the trick.  Happy Summer!

stars and stripes

Audrey Cerdan
© Audrey Cerdan

Weddings in France are a DIY affair.  My wedding was no exception.  My family flew in to Paris from all parts of the world, battling extreme jetlag to help us arrange flowers the night before.  I think the moment my mom truly warmed up to my now-husband was when she saw him trimming roses and expressing himself.  (ndlr: hehe)

Audrey Cerdan
© Audrey Cerdan

The recent wedding of two close friends was no exception. The American-obsessed bride and groom were open to ideas to personalize their countryside wedding in the rolling hills of Corrèze, in south-central France.  First up, an American dessert buffet created by a team of sweet toothed friends, myself included.


Since the wedding was hosted in the land of foie gras, a refrigerator display case borrowed from the local market held our greatest hits of American desserts, illuminating the party into the wee hours of the morning.

Audrey Cerdan
© Audrey Cerdan

Since my apple pie already donned stars and stripes (thanks, Pinterest!), I crafted a custom star spangled banner, too. And the bride and groom and their company of merry moutons.

Viva les mariés!

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