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New Book: Eaux de Fruits


Agua Fresca_thefrancofly.com_Jessie Kanelos WeinerHere’s a taste of my sweet new book chez Marabout Eaux de Fruits: Les aguas fresca désaltérantes, including 33 easy recipes for the freshest never-before-seen-in-France agua frescas. Take a chill pill and order here.

Save the date: Live portrait drawing and book signing at the Jumble Sale June 17th 12PM-5PM, Le Mary Celeste 1 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris. More here.

Photos © Richard Boutin

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Beet burger, an illustrated recipe

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I illustrated a Kanelos Weiner family fave recipe for the super cool new illustrated platform Illustrated Impact.  I almost tricked my meat-and-potatoes-only husband with this deceptively delicious veggie burger. It’s amazing what a little melted gruyere and caramelized onions can do.  “It’s not a burger, but it’s pretty good,” he exclaimed. Hey, good enough for me.


Etsy shop!

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It’s been a tricky couple of months of daily facepalm moments reading the news while being so far, far away living in France. I’ve coped in my own ways. Hallelujah, trump au chocolat 2Amy’s Macaroni & Cheese can now be found at the French frozen food emporium, Picard. Dressed up with some grated gruyere and baguette breadcrumbs, it was an instant taste of simpler times.  I’ve also found a real sense of urgency in my work. I’m not really sure what a Trump au chocolat means, but absurd times call for absurd measures.  I also attended my first political protests, using my god-given high ringing voice that will even inspire a French bulldog to stand up in solidarity. Meticulously painting large-scale protest signs has been no different.  I have re imagined some of my favorite signs into downloadable coloring page posters which can be carried as-is or colored in.  You can find them in my new Etsy shop. My thinking is whatever helps others to be a little more creative or a little bit more engaged, is the grated gruyere and baguette breadcrumbs to make this new reality a little bit more palatable. See you in the streets!

Jessie Kanelos Weiner on Etsy