Paris in Stride: The Tour!

Paris in Stride Book

It’s too easy to compare publishing a book to giving birth. I’ve yet to do the latter, but I’ll surely try working as many metaphors as possible. Paris in Stride: An Insider’s Walking Guide (Rizzoli) is expected any day now (March 27th to be exact). The contractions are coming on strong (it’s released on Tuesday!). And she’s crowing (#1 Amazon New Release!). It’s all terribly exciting although it will surely change my life forever (here’s hoping!). I’m happy to announce, it’s a…a…book tour.  I’m taking this baby on the road coming to a city hopefully near you: New York, DC & Chicago. I’ve set up some really cool events and I’d be delighted to meet you in person, share about my work, process, Paris and insider tips.

1 Paris in Stride Booktour_Jessie kanelos Weiner.jpg

Once again, I have the thank you all. All the preorders have been wonderful. I feel like Jeff Bezos is smiling at us. If it’s still possible for you to leave an Amazon review on March 27th, it’s the final small favor I will ask of you to make sure that this fabulous book gets as much visibility as possible.  I won’t try to explain the algorithm in Franco-American pig latin, but all I know is that preorders and first day reviews are the magic combination to get a bonafide high five from Bezos & co. It doesn’t have to be anything too intellectual, just 1-2 sentences about why you (hopefully) adore the book.

Look forward to meeting you soon, dear book foot soldier.



Order Paris in Stride HERE.