1. Do you do these yourself? I want to support but don’t know how. I’m a stay home mom working on her masters. I can only sit back and watch but I want to get involved

  2. Hey there, I scan everything and remove the watercolor paper texture in Photoshop. I’ve heard of many illustrators who photograph their work, but the Photoshop method is more controllable in my opinion. Good luck to you!

  3. Excellent! It is so hard to believe that the whole world rallied after we made the worst choice in US history for a president. Thank you everyone for supporting those of us who had no part in Trump’s election. Not all Americans are stupid boorish idiots.

  4. those watercolor paintings are beautiful! i didn’t get to march, but i want to!!! maybe next time… i just have to be on the lookout as to when the next women’s march is…

  5. Beautiful! World support has been over whelming and SO appreciated!
    I marched in Chicago and it was amazing!

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