Color Me Seasonal: 1er Avril!

Jessie Kanelos Weiner_April Fools_thefrancofly 2 copy

Still in need of that April Fool’s Day je ne sais quoi for your special someone?  Before Saran wrapping the toilet seat, take a note from the French tradition of offering the farcical gift of fish on the first of the month.

Jessie Kanelos Weiner_April Fools_thefrancofly 3_Color 1.jpg

Download and color in a very special card here…


  1. thefrancofly says:

    Hi Mrs. Ansorge! No worries. It was wonderful seeing Ms. Sellke after all these years. She said, “Jessie, you can call me Liz.” I said, “I would, but I never knew your first name”. It warms my heart to see your enthusiasm for the book. It would be wonderful if you can all each leave an Amazon review so we can continue spreading the word about the book. Happy coloring! Much love from Paris, Jessie

  2. Nancy Ansorge says:

    Hi Jessie!
    Sorry to have missed you on your US tour! Love the photo of you and Liz Sellke! She said she had a lovely visit with you and your husband.
    Emily, Amanda and I have all been busy enjoying our new coloring books. As we are all spread out we text each other our finished pages to compare and of course Ooh and Aah!:)
    Can’t get over your fabulous work and as I color notice even more of your wonderful attention to detail!

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