stars and stripes

Audrey Cerdan
© Audrey Cerdan

Weddings in France are a DIY affair.  My wedding was no exception.  My family flew in to Paris from all parts of the world, battling extreme jetlag to help us arrange flowers the night before.  I think the moment my mom truly warmed up to my now-husband was when she saw him trimming roses and expressing himself.  (ndlr: hehe)

Audrey Cerdan
© Audrey Cerdan

The recent wedding of two close friends was no exception. The American-obsessed bride and groom were open to ideas to personalize their countryside wedding in the rolling hills of Corrèze, in south-central France.  First up, an American dessert buffet created by a team of sweet toothed friends, myself included.


Since the wedding was hosted in the land of foie gras, a refrigerator display case borrowed from the local market held our greatest hits of American desserts, illuminating the party into the wee hours of the morning.

Audrey Cerdan
© Audrey Cerdan

Since my apple pie already donned stars and stripes (thanks, Pinterest!), I crafted a custom star spangled banner, too. And the bride and groom and their company of merry moutons.

Viva les mariés!

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