A Precursor

Jessie Book of Fab 1299          Yes, this might be one of those nostalgia-inducing posts only people who post childhood profile pictures can appreciate.  But on a much overdue trip back to Chicago after 4 years, I found something even better than a letter to myself in the future, Jessie’s Book of Fabulous Recipes.  Amongst the remnants of 18 years of unrequited love in the attic of my childhood home, I found this document scarily predicting my future, all captured in beautiful food illustrations.  Doughnut-flavored gyros with caramel?  Dare I say this was a precursor to molecular gastronomy?   An alive pigeon in honey dijon mustard?  Dare I compare this to French cuisine? Jessie Book of Fab 2300

Jessie Book of Fab 3301

Jessie Book of Fab 5303

Jessie Book of Fab 4302

  1. Carol Scott said:

    Hi, I was a witness to the discovery, and know that you started early in your career! This is the best thing ever, and should be published! Emily and I loved seeing the pictures again, especially the “alive pigeon”!

    • thefrancofly said:

      Thanks Carol! It’s a treasure!

  2. DinaWorks said:

    I love this!

    • thefrancofly said:

      Thanks so much Dina!

  3. Meg said:

    This is ADORABLE

  4. SF Pam said:

    Truly precious! And you were so creative with your recipes.

  5. Sheena said:

    This is the best! How avant garde! I recently blogged about some childhood drawings I found too, alas I am not any better than I was then.

    • thefrancofly said:

      Hi Sheena, I’m checking out those drawings of yours asap!

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