Veggie Burger giveaway

15: Burger Potimarron

In celebration of Veggie Burger by Clea and Esterelle Payany, Editions La Plage, I am giving away one copy of this lovely little reference to all things veggie burger along with a limited edition francofly postcard!


Rules to enter:

-Share why you like thefrancofly on Facebook, along with a link to the blog.

-Like thefrancofly on Facebook.

-Follow thefrancofly on Twitter.

-Write a comment below stating you have done all the above and where to get the best veggie burger.

One winner will be chosen at random on February 7th, 2014.  Book will be shipped internationally so it is anyone’s game.  The book is in French.  Bon chance!

photo: Charlotte Brunet

Food styling and illustration: Jessie Kanelos Weiner

***Congrats, Lindsey!  You are the winner!

. . . . .

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