les parisiens


Right when I am relaxed, my to-do listing begins for the week. Alas, another weekend has come and gone.  Notably, this weekend included the season’s first, much-anticipated barbecue.  Nothing satisfies more than the pending promise of sunshine and a grilled merguez on baguette!  But more on the French BBQ very soon…

Whenever I meet new people, once I get outed for my accent and asked what exactly a styliste culinaire does, the question of how I like France is still posed.  My life in France is verging on its 5-year mark.  And frankly, my life in France has humbly become just my life and a string of habitudes.  When one nibbles macarons everyday, the thrills in life are far fewer.  (joke!)   I’ve tweeted it before, but being a food stylist is one part prep and two parts schlep.  I’ve got the toned arms and arched back to prove it.  When the weekend rolls around, it is all about traveling light!

Speaking of which, once the sun is shiny (in the words of mon mari), our ceremonious sauercraut Sundays transform into Rue Sainte-Anne Saturdays.  We grab a late Japanese lunch (a bento box at You or noodles at NaniwaYa) followed by a caffeine kick at TÉLESCOPE and a bubble tea at ZEN ZOO.  I can confess I haven’t indulged in a bubble tea since my teeth were in braces, but mon mari‘s obsession is of teenage proportions.  Bubble teas in hand, a stroll through Palais-Royal or a walk through the Marais tops off our Saturday afternoon thing.

Happy Monday!

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  1. k k said:

    Sounds quite magical. But Chi-town ain’t so bad! Met Paul and Carol and headed down to Printers Row for the big booksale and authors galore pushing their wares. After wending our way through the Ribfest up near your house and of course the Wells Street Art Faire was happening. And, it was one of those bluebird weekends that Chicago gets in a blue moon. Plus, the Blackhawks won and are in the Stanley Cup! And then on Sunday I went to Adlai Stevenson’s retreat up here in the netherlands for an interesting tour. Love you Jess and Cyrille


    • thefrancofly said:

      Hi Aunt Kath,

      Lovely hearing from you! I miss Chicago most this time of year, notably Margie’s Candies and all the free festivals. Hope to see you soon, Kath. Give my love to the fam. Bisou, Jkw

  2. A French barbecue! I just enjoyed one on the terrace of my office building. Also, congrats on hitting 5 years! I hope to be able to say that one day, probably with a job others won’t understand 😉

    • thefrancofly said:

      Hi Danielle,

      Barbecues are one of those things that make me miss my Yankee Doodle other life.

      Bon continuation! 5 years feels like forever…

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