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This concludes 6 second street style™.  As fashionistas say, “See you next season!”  I whipped up these sketches at the Chloé show on a very sunny day in the Tuileries yesterday.  And it was total madness.  It was if Michael Jackson were reincarnated in Times Square right before the ball dropped on New Years Eve.  But instead of Michael Jackson, the fuss was over a hoard of Russian wannabes with see-through purses.

Nevertheless, I did the unimaginable.  I approached Garance Doré.  As I was sketching her little red riding hood red jacket, she smiled at me, an open invitation to attack.  “Garance?” I shouted in French.  “Oui, bonjour”, she replied but not in her characteristically smiley way. “My-name-is-Jessie!  I-am-an-illustrator!  I-follow-your-blog!  You’re-an-inspiration-to-me.  I’m doing street style sketches, look!”  “Oh wow, what app do you use?” Seconds before I could plug thefrancofly.com, a camera crew butted into our conversation.  “Sorry, but I cannot talk. I’m working.” She was annoyed.  As she walked away, I thanked her gracefully while sketching her back.

Bref, bonne journée!

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  1. thefrancofly says:

    She must deal with so many anxious bloggers on the street. Can’t say I didn’t try. Can’t say I didn’t embarrass myself either.

    The series will be back in some form. Maybe some kind of Paris street scenes instead …

  2. I am bummed that this series is over! Ah well, until next FW!

    And I was pleasantly surprised when I had pretty much the same conversation with GD in NYC — maybe because there were no camera crews around?

  3. Meg says:

    Jessie, these are so lovely! That is snazzy that you got to have a conversation with Miss G.D.! BOO YA! Lame camera crew. Still such a snazzy experience. I hope she finds your illustrations on here 🙂

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