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© Jessie Kanelos Weiner
© Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Thankfully I live in France.  Come December, I have already built up a butter immunity which will serve me through the holiday season.  And my affinity for Christmas cookies.  Subscribing to the late Gourmet magazine as a precocious preteen, the Christmas cookie issue always promised sugar-laced fantasies of royal icing, meringue and ambitious ways to permanently dust the kitchen with icing sugar.  Although cashmere sweaters are cool, I prefer giving a pretty parcel full of homemade treats. It started with grade school teachers, evolved into an embarrassing expression of unrequited love, and now is a holiday staple for many grateful French friends.

Nevertheless, I have curated a few of my favorite cookie recipes from the past few years, francofly-tested and Frenchie-approved:

-An unexpected mix of spices warms up a classic shortbread in these orange cardamom cookies. 

-These festive, sugar-laced red and green pistachio cranberry icebox cookies were my salvation, sent to me by my mom during finals week my senior year.  And I asked her for the recipe tout suite.

-Can’t forget about the chocolate!  Or Martha Stewart.  I love these chocolate crackle cookies.

-And finally, an irresistible recent addition to my cookie collection, nutmeg maple butter cookies from Smitten Kitchen. Sprinkled with a little fleur de sel, they make one multidimensional butter cookie.

Happy baking.

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