1. came by way of lost in cheese land blog… so enjoying your drawings and illustrations. but this one! oh yes. noir please. i so covet it! it did not appear under my tree over the holidays. (would have had to be me to purchase it…) someday…

  2. Hello Cynthia,

    At the moment, I do not think you can find the magazine in the States. But I will keep you posted if I hear otherwise.

    Bon w-e.

  3. P.S. Is there a way to buy the December-January issue of Zeste without an annual subscription? That is, do you know of a “distributor” here in the states where I might order a copy? Mille mercis….

  4. Do you have a favorite? How would you describe the scent of each….just wondering! Très chic…le noir et le blanc.

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