The making of a meadow

© Cyrille Weiner

Cyrille Weiner’s photos explore the occupation of changing spaces.

© Cyrille Weiner

As the winner of the Prix Lucien Hervé et Rodolf Hervé 2012, he exhibits his 8-year documentation of Nanterre, a forgotten wasteland in the shadows of the modern skyline to Paris’ West, La Defense.

© Cyrille Weiner

Poetically walking the line between apocalyptic overgrowth and uptapped utopia.

© Cyrille Weiner

Cyrille Weiner also happens to be mon mari.

Join us for an opening tonight, Friday November 16th 2012 from 6pm-9-pm.  Galerie Spéciale, Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, 254 Boulevard Raspail, 75014 Paris.  November 16th – December 7th 2012.

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  1. Carol Scott said:

    Wow this is very amazing that this land is not developed and that he is documenting all of it. Send pics of the exhibition if possible. Congrats on the show and all the best! Carol

    • thefrancofly said:

      Thanks, Carol! Will keep you posted on the evening. Much love from Paris!

  2. Wow. Felicitations à ton mari!! C’est impressionant. And it says so much about his aesthetic that he worked on this project for eight years–that is a long time to keep unspooling a thread!
    Hope that you both have a wonderful time tonight.
    Perhaps he will show at the Rencontres soon? 🙂

    • thefrancofly said:

      Thanks, Heather.

      The expo is running until December 7th, if you are in town.

      Otherwise, he usually is present at Recontres in some capacity.

      Bon w-e.

  3. Cynthia Lewis said:

    Congratulations to your husband! He has shown so beautifully what nature will do if just given half a chance. It also gives one a feeling of hope for the future. Mille mercis…

  4. mlle said:

    How marvelous! Wish I could be there – felicitations! Give us an update soon.

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