My little French Sunday

© Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Another no-agenda Sunday.

© Jessie Kanelos Weiner

The most stressful part is picking out the right cepes.  

© Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Sometimes it is best to leave it up to the experts.

© Jessie Kanelos Weiner

This one included.

© Jessie Kanelos Weiner

And anticipating the busy week ahead.

Happy Sunday.

. . . . .

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  1. thefrancofly says:

    Thanks as always, Pat.

  2. thefrancofly says:

    We ended up with a roast beef, the one in the photo. It has become a little bit of a Sunday tradition.

    Stay safe, Cynthia.

  3. Cynthia Lewis says:

    Beautiful and mouthwatering photos …..what did you choose for dinner? And what is the veggie mixed in with the cauliflower. We are bracing for the huge storm here on the mid-atlantic coastline…”Sandy” is her name! Thanks, Cynthia

  4. I love a no-agenda sunday…gorgeous photos!

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