La vie en rose.

© Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Cheesy old me, there is nothing that puts a twinkle in my toes and opens my eyes more to the beauty of Paris than hearing an accordian playing on the street. I have possibly seen Funny Face too many times, but nothing turns Paris into a soundstage quicker than a little live music.  Moving from New York to Paris, the first thing I noticed was that metro musicians are on a French schedule.  They stay put on a car, performing a whole concert (from “Comme d’habitude” to “New York, New York”)  for their audience of zombies, never sacrificing their artistic merit for a few extra centimes.  Last week, I saw a fearless Michael Jackson impersonator  moonwalking his way down line 1, from Chateau de Vincennes all the way to La Defense.  I did not even see him solicit money.   In New York, musicians hussle their way through the Metro, maximizing their productivity, hitting and quitting each car between two stations.

I love street performers.  There is no better way to snap out of reality for a few short minutes.  Or maybe it is just what reality is.

Bon week-end, les amis.

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  1. I finally just saw Funny Face for the first time. I’ve seen every other musical on Earth. And Funny Face has always already been checked out at the video store. Nevertheless, being married to a photographer and living in Paris certainly had me smiling from ear to ear. Bon w-e!

  2. If there actually is such a thing as having seen Funny Face too many times, please don’t break my bubble.

    As another fellow ex NYer, I couldn’t get over how the performers on the Metro weren’t, well, cuckoo for Coco Puffs…quite different from the “Martian” saxophone player (with his jiggling sparlky antennae) on the A and E lines that would screech nonsense on his horn until someone would either give him hush money or threaten to beat him up…

    Bon Weekend!

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