How to eat a croissant

© Jessie Kanelos

As delicious as croissants can be, I am still learning the art of eating one without wearing it for the rest of the day.   I have seen enough dandruff commercials to know the enormity of its impact on one’s social life.  And the puff pastry variety is equally unforgivable.  During a recent rendezvous, I pulled off my black scarf, inspiring a downpour of butter-flavored flakes.  Nevertheless, sharing what I had for breakfast must only be reserved for my blog (note: cereal).

But thank heavens I married French!  Not only do I have a personal grammar coach, but also a personal instructor on the proper way on how to eat a croissant.  Et voilà!…

© Jessie Kanelos
© Jessie Kanelos
© Jessie Kanelos
© Jessie Kanelos
© Jessie Kanelos

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13 thoughts on “How to eat a croissant”

  1. Hey, as long as your pashmina is flake free, then you are sitting pretty!

    Thanks for reading, Heather.

  2. I must have picked this up by osmosis because I met this post with a “Yay! I do that!” but my French honey certainly didn’t show me the ropes. What’s up with that? 😉

  3. Now you just have to find the perfect croissant! (Your daily reminder to book a ticket to Paris!)

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