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Uh oh. Does this mean this has become an andthisiswhatihadforlunchtoday kind of blog?  Before you throw you hands in the air and say you just don’t care, I must share what I had for lunch yesterday.  After a long day food styling raw beef, I was taken to lunch at  L’OisiveThé, a tea drinking knitter’s paradise.  Greens, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, emmental, smoked salmon, two soft-boiled eggs, and a generous handful of toast spears for dipping and dunking, it was the perfect break from le boeuf.  With two more days scheduled to shoot beef, I will certainly be dreaming of my salad at L’OisiveThé (1 Rue Jean-Marie Jégo  75013 Paris).

By the way, although I have certainly had enough beef for now, check out my latest post on Le Camion Qui Fume’s new cookbook on HiP Paris Blog.

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