Professional leftovers, a tale of two extremes

© Jessie Kanelos

I have got a lot on my mind these days.  My two big projects for la rentrée include one with a popular potato crisp which comes in a cylindrical can and the other is an illustrated editorial on the wonders of tropical fruit.  Fruit is fleeting, but Pringles are forever.  I’ve got enough Pringles cans in the kitchen to set up an artificially flavored bowling alley.  It is too bad cantaloupe is not a tropical fruit; I’m in need of a bowling ball.  When life gives you Pringles, what do you do?  Pringles-ade was regrettable attempt in molecular gastronomy.

Bref, to be continued…

. . . . .

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  1. thefrancofly says:

    Merci, snakefishbird.

  2. Adorable, as always!

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