Le Select

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Writing my blog and for other Paris sites, there is always so much pressure to find the best, newest, coolest, untapped hole-in-the-wall.  I would love to continually be on the cutting edge of the latest tiki torch Brazilian jazz lounge.  But being an expat and feeling like a stranger for so long, I’m more interested in becoming a local somewhere.  I would like to have the power to be both recognized and left alone in a place that I love.

Every Wednesday, I have a little time to kill in the 6e. So whenever I can see the Tour Montparnasse, I know Le Select is not far away.   As the other legendary brasseries have been scooped up by conglomerates, Le Select is one of the only family-owned brasseries left in the City of Lights.  I love how every cup and saucer is stamped with an illustration of their facade, the little silver pitcher of hot water than accompanies their café allongé, and the dark chocolate sidekick to every cup of coffee.  There is always a solid mix of local geezers with morning papers and a few loud Americans just ‘taking a look’.  And a rare occurrence in any Parisian institution, a women at the door always cheerily welcomes guests upon arrival.

Since Le Select was certainly good enough for Hemingway, I could not resist using the occasion to be creative and test out my new Bamboo Stylus, my lost-lost pen to our new ipad.  This is a pen that shan’t be lost!

Yes, Le Select is nothing new; it is almost 100 years old.  But for one hour every week, I am a small part of it.  Maybe it is just me, but I would much rather have that than a 15 euro mint julep mojito in the latest underground tiki torch Brazilian jazz lounge.

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  1. Cynthia Lewis says:

    How sad that family-owned brasseries are disappearing. It sounds lovely. Would it be considered mal élevé if you took your new ipad into such an establishment? Bon week-end! Cynthia

  2. beautiful!

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