Le Snuggie Français, Couettabra Anonymous

© Jessie Kanelos

I recently recounted on the HiP Paris Blog my discovery of the latest bedding sensation to hit the City of Lights when the lights go out.  The Couettabra, a fully-functional blanket with armholes which will do wonders in spiking productivity in bed.  Yes, my friends, it is precisely a French-ified Snuggie®.   In a country with a strict separation of public and private, this could be a complete phenomenon that I will never know about.  But at 300 euros for a double Couettabra, the price is not right to even jokingly gift this to mon mari on our upcoming anniversary.  But with 2 MacBook Pros and a family-sized hachis parmentier, it could make for one cozy automn.  Professional investment?  Is that tax deductable?


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  1. Cynthia Lewis says:

    Your “Illustration” today made me chuckle. Thanks! (I’m a great APPLE fan so the macbook pros amused me, too.) Bonne journée.

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