maquereaux marinés, or so I recall

© Jessie Kanelos


“La Cigale!” was the very first thing out of everyone’s mouths when I was compiling a Nantes to-do list.  Everyone mentioned the celebrated brasserie with sparkles in their eyes.  And I was instantly enamored by this powerhouse, Art Nouveau brasserie : the warm woodwork, the mosaic lobsters on the walls, the uniformed garçons and the overall theatrics of fine dining.  I was easily tempted by the complete prix fixe menu at a cool 17 euros (cold zucchini and mascarpone soup, onglet, et crème brûlée). But my dining companion, also known as mon mari, ordered maquereaux marinés, marinated mackerel, off the menu.  And I have been thinking of it ever since.  And it looked a little something like this…

. . . . .


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  1. thefrancofly says:

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for the Chicago food update! Food trucks have hit Paris, too. But they have not evolved beyond burgers yet. I recall my parents just recently ate a Belly Shack and had great things to say.

    Thanks for reading. And hope to see you soon.

  2. Roger says:

    Looks and sounds great Jess and love the art work! Dining in Chicago has taken a toll now with fusion this, black angus burger that; a trend pops up and everyone follows suit. Even the fine dining has been a real bloated experience lately especially now that Charlie Trotter closed his world famed restaurant. The latest casualties are food trucks and cupcakes everywhere. Thankfully there’s still Rosded, however I’ve figured out most of their dishes, and a place called Belly Shack which successfully melds Korean and Puerto Rican cuisine. Although I’m sure nothing beats the Paris markets!

  3. thefrancofly says:

    Mackerel is super-healthy & cheap, too. What’s in your grandma’s recipe? I’m awfully curious.

    I just bought a pack of waterproof Faber-Castell artist pens. So I usually do a pencil sketch, then pen, followed by watercolor. The secret is out…

    Miss you!

  4. I love it! This is a lot like Maine Mackerel, which was apparently something my grandma hated whenever her mom made it for her growing up…I found the recipe sometime last year, though, and it blew my MIND. I can’t get enough of it!
    As always, gorgeous illustration. What kind of pen do you use?

  5. thefrancofly says:

    Hi Big Hungry Gnome,

    Thanks for reading! Let me know if the mackerel is as delicious as it looks.

    Bonne journee,

  6. I love your illustration/watercolour. It’s really beautiful and the mackerel dish that inspired it sounds equally delicious. Thanks for sharing

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