Pendaison de crémaillère

© Jessie Kanelos

Voila!  An illustrated taste of our new souped-up kitchen!  And just a glimpse into our new pseudo-Scandanavian love nest.  Since this is my first time living in an all-new place of my own, I have taken an obsessive-compulsive reacquaintance with cleaning.  And the thought of packing all of Paris into our crib for a housewarming has me reaching for the Ajax.  Nevertheless, the past week has been a marathon of calm, mini-housewarming events.  Much to my chagrin, a housewarming does not translate directly to chauffage de maison.  Instead it translates to pendaison de crémaillère.  After grilling my husband about its origins since we packed our first cardboard box, I finally got an answer this evening.  But like a lot of things in France, it goes way, way back in time.  From what I can understand, pendaison de crémaillère is the hanging of the chain which holds a pot of soup over a fire.  Straight up Medieval double, double toil and trouble!  That sounds like a big old mess. I’d rather turn up the heat and call it a chauffage de maison.

. . . . .

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  1. Jeanne said:

    looks like a wonderful kitchen

  2. thefrancofly said:

    Thanks Jeanne. I heard you are moving to a new place soon, too!

  3. This is an exceedingly LARGE kitchen for Paris!
    My jaw is on the ground :O

    • thefrancofly said:

      Although my bad perspective may have exaggerated the size, I can still hold out both arms and spin around without touching anything. Large indeed.

      Thanks for reading, Carolg.

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