Viennois au Chocolat

Sometimes all rationale goes out the window, further challenging my limits of moderation.  Whenever, I can answer yes to two of my favorite sayings, I will do anything.  Who can say no to “waste not” and “I can write it off on my taxes”? So I won’t blame this enormous chocolate torpedo of a snack on gourmandise, it’s rather an exercise in restraint.  Meaning, can I actually wait until I’m finished watercoloring it before digging in?

While it lasts, let me introduce you to the viennois au chocolat.  It usually hangs out with the viennoiseries like croissant, pain au chocolat,  and pain aux raisins, the puff pastry crowd at the boulangeries.  This is a classic gouter, or a staple snack for the under-12, afterschool crowd.  These chocolate chip-studded snacks humbly adorn the arms of the chicly-coiffed Parisien supermoms who await their children at the sortie d’ecole.  Nevertheless, with the chocolate chip drought in France, I quickly took a liking to this treat.  The soft, yeasty dough envelopes a smattering of dark chocolate chips.  Let me be rational and ask, is it 4 o’clock somewhere?

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