This is what happens when all the male chefs are erased from this weekend's Taste Of Paris Official event: 1 Woman. In France alone, women represent almost half of the population of students enrolled in chef training: 48% are enrolled in the CAP cuisine, 52% are enrolled in BTS and 46% are enrolled in the Bac +3. As women continue to rise in presence in the hospitality industry, why is the presence of women limited to a token representative in food media and industry events? The social constraints that keep women out of kitchens is an uphill battle, but food media should adapt with the times in projecting something other than a perpetual boys club.

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Happy February!  We are not just in the drudges of root vegetables season.  We are one month closer to the release of my book Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables (Rizzoli’s Universe Imprint), to be released March 15th, 2o16!  I know, I know.  Although I don’t have children of my own, this whole Edible Paradise thing has become the relentless star of all my social media platforms. But humor me for a second because it’s not small feat releasing your first book with a major American editor.  And every small feat is worth sharing, if you Instagram “like” it or not.  So let me just share that I received my advance copies and itsjustsolovelyicantevenseparatemywords!  But I’ll share the process of creating Edible Paradise from root to leaf sometime soon…

Whenever I get my hands on a book I have worked on, I always stare at it like the elephant in the room, not knowing if I really want to see what had become of my long hours and dedication. Will it be worth it?  It usually gets a quick flip through and gets quickly put away with all the others.  Although the final pdf of Edible Paradise had been validated for months now, seeing an accumulation of months of dedicated work can be emotional and fraught with anxiety.  Is this a result of perfectionism? Or just the fact that I may be more stone fruit 1315 copyprocess than final product.  Although I just got back from a few days in the Loire Valley, I trekked to my office at midnight on Friday night to pick up my advance copies.  If I may just share with you truthfully, I am in awe of this beautiful book. It’s not just your basic, copy and pasted coloring book. It really is a joyous celebration of what a year of eating seasonally can be. Regardless if you eat seasonally or not, it artfully revisits the beauty fruits and vegetables (and friends! There are major ladybugs to be colored in!).  Most importantly, how does it color?  I quickly attacked my copy!  I am creating a limited edition of Edible Paradise, all colored from front to back in watercolor, which quickly ate up my whole weekend in one voracious bite.  It’s good. It’s real good.

So please take a moment to preorder a copy here.  Or better yet, order two copies. As my grandfather used to say about handkerchiefs, “One for show and one for blow!”

In the meantime, warm up your coloring skills in the February coloring page above.






There comes THAT time in any illustrator’s life.  Yes, there’s the first magazine publication.  The first published book.  But to challenge myself and get into the holiday spirit, I conquered the 12 Days of Christmas!  Next stop, illustrate the horoscope pages…

12 drummers drumming11 pipers piping 210 lords a leaping 29 ladies dancing LDMaids a milking LD7 swans6 goose a laying 25 golden rings text4 calling birds3 French hens2 turtle dovesa patridge in a pear tree_jessie kanelos weiner

Have you preordered my book Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables yet?  It’s never too late to kick off a year filled with creativity and seasonal eating…

galettes des rois_Jessie Kanelos Weiner

After the holidays, right when I thought I consumed enough foie gras to shut down the State of California,  it is on to January’s flavor of the month.  The galette des rois, or king’s cake, is as ubiquitous in France as New Year’s resolutions.  There’s another French paradox for the list.  Nonetheless, two layers of buttery puff pastry hide a rich layer of almond paste or apple compote.  Buried in the cake is a teeny tiny charm. In the spirit of Epiphany, whoever wins it is crowned king or queen for the day.  Although galettes are found in abundance at any boulangerie and social event in the month of January, they are a cinch to make at home.  Mine includes an apple compote with a Yankee Doodle dose of cinnamon and plenty of vanilla bean.  So hold onto your teeth.  You may be king or queen today!

galettes des rois_Jessie Kanelos Weiner_text

For much more coloring fun, please preorder my forthcoming book Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables (Rizzoli’s Universe Imprint), March 15th, 2016.  It sets its readers on an enchanting journey, discovering the seasonal delicacies and creatures found in forests, fields, gardens, and urban farmer’s markets. This charming, elegantly designed volume of freehand illustrations is a treat for the senses, guaranteed to inspire food lovers, nature enthusiasts, gardeners, and parents wanting to encourage their children to appreciate the wonders of nature’s edible bounty. Preorder here.

thefrancofly_Jessie Kanelos Weiner_Color me Seasonal January

Phew, 2016! 2015 wrapped up into a very fine year for me.  It was the first year where I can proudly say I was making it as a bona fide full-time living artist, a big feat for a professional fruit & veg doodler.  But the biggest news of 2015 was that I nailed my first US book deal with Rizzoli New York.  But I promise to share the process and all the juicy details very soon… 

partridge 2Fast forward to 2016, and said book will be released March 15th, 2016, Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables (Rizzoli’s Universe Imprint).  Coloring  books found a bit of a renaissance in 2015, promising to re spark everyday creativity and hit the overloaded mind’s refresh button. But Edible Paradise is more than just your kid’s chicken-scratched Frozen activity book.  It sets its readers of all ages on an enchanted journey, discovering the seasonal delicacies and creatures found in forests, fields, gardens, and urban farmer’s markets all in richly detailed freehand drawings. But in the humble opinion of its creator, the true beauty of the book lies in the hands of whoever colors it in.

You may be asking yourself, “I still can’t even write ‘2016’.  Why should I preorder a book that comes out in March?” The truth is, although I would love that you picked it up at your local mom & pop bookshop, in the current Amazon economy, the success of book sales are dependent on preorders.  Ever wonder how a new release is already a New York Times Bestseller the day it comes out?  Preordering largely determines that.  Ordering now not only promises you can attack it with your colored pencils ASAP, but it gives my editor a little vote of confidence.  It also increases the chances I can publish more passion projects like this one in the future. Preorder here.

In any case, I wish you joy and balance in 2015!  And thanks for your support in making this another Technicolor New Year!



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